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G0324 Automatic Chocolate Chips Making Machines

G0324 Automatic Chocolate Chips Making Machines

  • Quantity of Min.Order: 1 Set / Sets
  • Supply Ability: 10 Set / Set per month
  • Port: ShangHai
  • Place of origin: Suzhou, China
  • Payment Terms: L / C, T / T, Western Union
  • The machine can be made UL standard
Technical Parameters:
Width (mm) 600
Fridge 3HP * 3sets
Compressor COPELAND
Drive electric Motor (kw) 1.5kw
Speed ​​(m / min) 1 ~ 4
Deposit Speed ​​(time / min) 10

These lines allow varying the weight and shape of the drops and the chocolate blends. This type of product is ideally suited for industrial supply and melting to decorate or other inclusions in the products, Cookies and ice cream.

Packaging & Delivery:

1. The machine shall be packed in a wooden box, Avoiding unexpected damages.
2. Machine Will be sent from Port of Shanghai.

1. Together with separate machines, our company also has a capability to deliver integrated solutions for the manufacture of chocolate product.  
2. Engineers are available to travel to the customer's site abroad, in order to launch and maintain the machines, as well as to provide a team training at the client's location.


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