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Why would you send chocolate on Valentine's day?

chocolate-machines.com chocolate-machines.com 2017-06-15 10:05:05

February 14th, Valentine's day, men send roses, women give the other half of chocolate. But do you know where this tradition came from? In the European and American origin of Valentine's day, chocolate is usually only one of many Valentine's Day gifts. It is only because of its sweet taste and long aftertaste that it can represent love, so it has become a more popular choice. The supremacy of chocolate is actually confined to East asia. In fact, it is also a textbook classic marketing case for the Japanese business people.

In 1958, Mary's chocolate, based on Japan's national conditions, launched a "Valentine's Day Valentine's Day promotion to women", which encourages women to express their feelings. By 1970s, girls give boys chocolate this Valentine's Day customs in Japan has been widely accepted, but because of Japan's special status as the cultural exchange between East and West, the custom soon affect South Korea, Taiwan and other places, and swept the Chinese at the beginning of this century.

The spirit of New York Research Institute experts believe that is covered with a substance called phenylethylamine in love's mind, resulting in a better mood, and phenylethylamine chocolate can promote the growth of good mood. As a result, chocolate has become the "food of love" for boys and girls in love, and has expressed love for each other. We are Automatic Chocolate Making Machine Manufacturers, supply: automatic chocolate equipment, cooling tunnels for chocolate enrobing.