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chocolate enrobing machine

2019-07-25 14:32:44

SJP Series chocolate enrobers are suitable for full, half or bottom-coating of various food, such as biscuit, wafers, egg rolls and snacks, etc, with chocolate or chocolate compound. Hygienic design with stainless steel surface for maximum cleanliness and ease of cleaning. We have two operating system for your choice: Button Type or PLC Programme.

Main Features

1) Machine widths of 400 to 1200 mm.

2) Uniform coated products.

3) The wire mesh speed can be adjusted by your actual requirement.

4) Detachable lower section containing the chocolate service tank.

Our company is founded in Suzhou, we are the professonal supplier of chocolate production line. We continuously innovate according to customers' demands. Our products and solutions have been applied to more than 50 countries and areas now. It's our permanent goal to provide good service for our customers which is the only reason why YOQ was created. And to meet clients' requirements continually is our motive power. To provide efficient service for customers is our working guide and standard of value assessment. Making our clients succeed means making ourselves succeed. We hope to cooperate with new and old customers for a bright future.