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Ducd'o each chocolate is very attractive

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-06-21

Ducd'o is a famous Belgian chocolate brand. In 1983, Mr. Henry Verhelst created the chocolate brand. Although compared with Europe has a long history of chocolate brand, dove is still very young, but in traditional handicraft production, it is favorably. Mr. Henry Verhelst understands that chocolate is the good way to represent and function as a chocolate technologist. Therefore, Dove chocolate has been to produce rich taste colored chocolate sandwich, truffles, and famous liqueur chocolate. In all kinds of raw materials, its choice of cocoa butter, hazelnut, almond liqueur, pulp and famous brand to focus on, and some chocolate tart is made, which makes Dikdo more is the one and only the flavor.

The chocolate will mellow aroma and liqueur chocolate stimulate fresh blend in the beautiful night intoxicated. Dove liqueur chocolate with the VAT69, whisky, Kimberley, Cointreau, Otard and Napoleon Hennessy Hennessy and other fine French wines, the most suitable for dinner after taste, unique romantic taste.

Ducd'o has always insisted on the use of homemade craft to produce chocolate sandwich fillings, which is characteristic of it. Therefore, Ducd'o chocolate is usually limited supply, only when the production season will increase production. Dove Duc d'O has been to produce rich taste colored milk chocolate sandwich, truffles, and chocolate is sold in 130 countries. Exquisite gift box packaging, more valuable quality. Never contain alcohol or any animal fats. It is suitable for vegetarians and people who are naturally healthy. The chocolate box is exquisite and attractive. Each of the chocolate is attractive and the entrance is soft and fragrant. It is pure cocoa butter. It has a mellow taste and a delicate taste, which makes you absorb the aftertaste.We are automatic chocolate equipment, Automatic Chocolate Making Machine Manufacturers,supply: chocolate enrobing machine on sale.


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