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The most amazing contribution of the Maya is chocolate 3

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  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-08-28
In ancient Maya times, it was believed that the gods gave cacao beans to humans, who believed that the aroma of cocoa was exhilarating and stimulating. Cocoa is the most important economic forest grown by the Maya. Cocoa beans are expensive commodities and can be used directly as money. In the ritual drink when Maya is using cocoa production, such as the main raw material to cocoa with pepper beverage is considered through the effect of God, Europe became popular chocolate. In the Mayan era, the making of chocolate was a very sacred technique, and a king of Tikal made his name "chocolate maker".

According to the relevant written records, cocoa is an important drink for the nobility. YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY the most popular chocolate depositor company china.

Moreover, it is a drink associated with many ritual activities, which plays a role in some ritual activities, and may also help them achieve an illusory state. It is a ritual drink. There are some legends related to the myth of cocoa and Maya. After the death of the God of corn, his head was cut off by Pluto, and the head was gone after it was cut off. Soon afterwards, a cocoa tree grew from the place where it was beheaded.

There were some Mayan sculptures carved above. Because many of its fruits are growing out of the trunk, and there are yellow, red, some pointed, and some round. Legend has it that Pluto's daughter once approached the cocoa tree. The corn was made up of cocoa, and she opened her mouth and told her to eat herself. YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provide chocolate enrobing machine on sale.

Then the king's daughter took the cocoa fruit to eat, and she became pregnant and gave birth to a twin famous corn is the son of God, the hero twins, then hero twin brother long after the adults, they returned to the underground world, and defeated Pluto, after numerous tests and the defeat of Pluto my father saved.

Some scholars also think that cocoa may symbolize the fruit of God of corn at the time, a symbol of corn or corn god head, the heart of God, then the cocoa flour, corn is equivalent to God's blood, that cocoa has religious significance at that time. To be sure, cocoa wasn't just a good drink at the time. It was supposed to have a rich religious connotation.

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