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The most amazing contribution of the Maya is chocolate

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  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-08-24
Chocolate is a happy maker, and a great deal of scientific research has shown that chocolate gives a good mood because the use of benzoic acid in chocolate can help regulate mood. Chocolate is also rich in magnesium, magnesium has sedative and antidepressant effect, and the main ingredient in making chocolate is cocoa.
More than 800 years after the ad, various Maya tribes built more than 100 cities. YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY the most popular chocolate depositor machine supplier china.

The prosperity of the city shows that the ancient Maya economy is more developed, developed, so that the exchange of goods has been the demand, which led to the market transactions. No invention in human notes before is to exchange goods as gold and silver currency, but the Mayan "currency" is not gold and silver, but cocoa.

For example, a rabbit is worth 10 cocoa, a slave is worth about 100 cocoa, etc.. YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provide chocolate enrobing machine on sale.

Why did the Mayans use cocoa as their currency? Will it be inflationary to use this annual harvest of cocoa as a currency? The general information about the Maya trade did not involve the issue, even if there is vague.

In fact, the Maya cocoa is not something that can be compared with money. It is probably just a counting unit of exchange, measuring the value of different things in terms of cocoa. Cocoa is not only for the use of the Maya "money", they occasionally use shells, cloth, hatchet etc. as a medium of exchange. Perhaps the biggest reason Maya use the "currency" like cocoa is that these small items are easy to carry around in trade.

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