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Why chocolate and milk can not eat together

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2018-01-30
Why chocolate and milk can not eat together.Milk is rich in calcium and protein, and chocolate contains oxalic acid, milk and chocolate together to eat, the milk of calcium and chocolate oxalic acid to form a precipitate insoluble in water --- calcium oxalate. If you want make chocolate by yourself,please click China ball mill machine company

Not only can people not absorb, but also there will be dry hair, diarrhea, calcium deficiency and growth retardation and so on long time ago.Beside that,soft drinks, bread, goat's milk and sesame seeds are also can not eat with chocolate.If you want to learn more information,please click  chocolate holding storage tank

Goat's milk and sesame seeds are rich in calcium ,so the reason is the same with milk.Both soft drinks and break contain high sugar,they are not suitable for eating with chocolate.YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY is a high level chocolate machinary.

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