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Sprungli is one of famous chocolate brand in Zurich

chocolate-machines.com chocolate-machines.com 2018-02-01 10:38:57
Sprungli is a more than one hundred years history chocolate brand in Zurich,which is called as “king of chocolate in switzerland,top in the top”.Sprungli was found in 1839,with 170 years development,It already have one headquarters and nineteen branches.YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY is a big chinese factory provided various kinds of chocolate making machine.

In order to ensure the freshness of the chocolate,all branches are less than 1 hour drive from the factory.By the way,the household brand lindt is Sprungli’s brother.Sprungli's raw material coated chocolate is provided by lindt.But,of course,the handmade chocolate is far better than industrial chocolate which is large-scale produced.Sprungli now have more than 2000 kinds of product,and 50 kinds of handmade chocolate.It is not famous for dark chocolate, but delicate and elegant.If you want to produce or machining high quality chocolate by youself,you must want to click automatic chocolate conche machine

Sprungli have many good selling products in the market around the world.If the my appetite is big enough, I really want to taste the all popular products at once.If you have good resources of cocoa bean,you must need automatic chocolate conching machinery to help you.