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Our chocolate is not enough to eat, because of the secret of making chocolate better

chocolate-machines.com chocolate-machines.com 2017-12-11 14:43:09
For chocolate, really love and hate, love its sweet bitter, and hate it to eat will make people fat. However, when it comes to food cravings, it is a mistake to look up information on the Internet and see that chocolate will make you fat. For example, a 50-gram chocolate bar provides about 837 kilojoules, the equivalent of 84 g of food. The healthy person is in the condition that maintains energy balance, eat chocolate does not get fat at all. The polyphenols in chocolate, besides itself contains antioxidant ingredients can also extend the other antioxidants in the body, such as the role of vitamins, at the same time can promote vasodilation, which have the effect of prevention of cardiovascular disease. Eating chocolate in moderation will not only make you fat and healthy.YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY the most poupular chocolate bean machine.

So, I'd like to believe that it's good for the body to have some chocolate once in a while. As for me, just let it be, I don't try to lose weight, I am more interested in the enjoyment of food.For more information, you can click high quality chocolate bean equipment.

Last eaten kai ya big fruit grain of chocolate, this time to see the new product, is a tin of milk chocolate, dark chocolate compared, I prefer fruity taste, and he didn't endure, continue to doctrines.

Here's the point! The chocolate is hidden in this iron box, the cover design is slightly convex, so many patterns, I still like this one of the most of the head flowers of the cow. The favorite thing to do for collectors is to finish eating them. Well, I admit, a big part of the reason for buying chocolate is to like this box, and let my mother see that my mom started hitting the box too, so I hid the box. Otherwise, the box makes mom think, chocolate let the son think. A child's ability to find food is much better than good study.

Opened the box, you can see there is a small piece of independent packing, so whether they carry or between meal nibble all very convenient, I often go up son pocket outfit a few learningenglish, performance well as a reward, make the kids is quite good.We are small chocolate making machine manufacturer, If you need any machine, please contact us.

Pour the chocolate out and the pattern on each of the pieces is different. The colorful packaging looks good.For those of you who have ocd, you can't help but start playing again and again. This proves that the different packaging should be random and not fixed.

The wrapping paper is very good, and the chocolate is not dark, because this is milk chocolate, which is certainly lighter than dark chocolate.

A bite, a crunchy crunch, a few bites of chocolate melt on the lips, and a sweet, sweet taste on the tip of the tongue, which is much sweeter than dark chocolate. When it's fine, you like to have a piece of it in your mouth and let it melt away. But there are thousands of ways to eat chocolate, and I feel a little bit sweet. After all, I'm not too sweet, so it's good to toss a few treats.