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Godiva is brand employed by the emperor in Belgium

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2018-02-05
Godiva is the aristocracy in chocolate.In 1968, it has become the brand employed by the emperor in Belgium. Today, hand-made Godiva’s shop can be seen everywhere in the Brussels streets.If you have a dessert shop and need some chocolate machine,please click automatic chocolate conching machinery

Godiva has produced a precious chocolate blessing the prince's marriage in 1999 and named it "Mathilde" with the name of the princess.If the Godiva is noble in chocolate, then Lintd is the count in chocolate.Godiva was trying to convey aristocratic demeanor;Lintd is different, from the beginning of 1845 the first workshop, it was absorbed in studying chocolate. If you have good resource of cocoa bean,and you must be need chocolate beans molding equipment

In 1879, It created the "chocolate grinding technology" to make chocolate more delicate in its taste and lay a unique taste for the taste. It is more like an inspirational craftsman.Lintd was tirelessly grinding the product until it goes to the highest Hall of the professional field.If you want to make chocolate by yourself,and then YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINARY provided high quality chocolate machine.

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