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Solution to Produce Chocolate Mass in Short Time With Great Fitness

  • Author:Tony
  • Release on:2015-12-24
          Solution to Produce Chocolate Mass in Short Time With Great Fitness

  We know that it has advantage and disadvantage for both chocolate conche machine and chocolate ball mill. Then is there a perfect solution to produce refined chocolate mass quickly?

   Yes! We can provide a solution which can produce chocolate mass not only very fineness, but also with short time. It is to connect chocolate conche machine with chocolate ball mill and chocolate holding tank. According to circulation between chocolate conche machine and chocolate ball, chocolate mass will be grinded to fine greatly. It needs 6 hours to produce 1000L chocolate mass. 

   Our client in Thailand produces chocolate mass in this way now. We have layout about it. If you have any interest, please contact us at any time. We believe that more and more clients will use this way to produce chocolate mass in future!

   Moreover, we developed continuous chocolate ball mill too. Its capacity can reach 1500kg/hour. For more information, welcome to visit our website or factory.

    Founded in 1994, YOQ----good chocolate making machinery china has been specialized in making chocolate machines for over 20 years. We are trustworthy chocolate machine supplier china and can produce a complete set of chocolate equipment , includes chocolate conche machine, chocolate temperature adjuster, chocolate moulding machine, chocolate enrobing line, chocolate delivery pump, chocolate polishing machine, chocolate decorating machine, chocolate packaging machine, chocolate ball mill, chocolate holding tank, chocolate sugar pulverizer, fat melting tank and so forth.

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