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How to Produce Chocolate Mass?

  • Author:Tony
  • Release on:2015-12-22
                                                              How to produce chocolate mass?

   How to produce chocolate mass? For small chocolate business in Europe, they use stone grinder mainly. But stone grinder is driven by "V" belt, it makes the efficiency is not high compared with driven by gear. Morover, "V" belt is easy to broken after using long time.
    So I will introduce our chocolate conche machine. It has 20L, 100L, 1000L and even 30000L. So it's suitable for all chocolate factories. Our chocolate conche machine is similar Macintyre type conche machine. Putting sugar powder, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, etc into the conche machine and according to 12-16hours grinding, the fineness can reach 20-25micron. During this periond, you just need to adjust the scrapers so as to pruduce satisfied chocolate mass.
With our chocolate conche machine, you can save more land, more energy and more lanours . Compared with five roll grinding machine, our conche machine is smaller, compared with stone grinder, gear box can save more energy; And we can supply automatic feeding system so as to save labours.

  As professional chocolate machine manufacturer, we can supply various chocolate machine for you. Welcome to visit our factory to find out our quality!

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