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Xi's trip to herald golden decade for China-UK ties, says Blair

  • Author:Tony
  • Release on:2015-10-15

                               Xi's trip to herald golden decade for China-UK ties, says Blair

President Xi Jinping's state visit to the United Kingdom next week will usher in a "golden decade" and a new dimension for cooperation, former British prime minister Tony Blair said on Wednesday.

"It's possible to get to an even higher and increased level of cooperation, not just economically but politically," Blair told China Daily in London.

His comments came ahead of Xi's visit from Oct 19 to 23, the first state visit by a Chinese president to the UK in 10 years.

Blair, 62, who served as prime minister from 1997 to 2007, stressed China's global role, saying: "How China develops its role in the world has massive implications for everyone today. There is no big global problem that can be sorted without China."

Blair said that President Xi is a leader with a very clear view on what he wants to do in China, because he knows that China faces challenges and he is determined to overcome them; the strength of his leadership is combined with a lot of exterior confidence.

Reports have said that business cooperation including a nuclear and high-speed rail project will be key topics to be discussed between China and Britain during Xi’s visit.

Former British prime minister Tony Blair receives an interview in London, Oct 14, 2015

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