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The most long-lived people in Sichuan will be at least 118 years old will eat three meals every day

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on:2015-07-20
Sichuan has an old man named Fu Suqing, July 19 will be officially entered the 118 years of age, she continued to sit tight in the top spot in Sichuan oldest elderly. This name looks hale and hearty old and loves to joke. So longevity, what tips do what? 

However, the name of the elderly but eating too scary, and very greasy. Actually have to eat every meal Pork, chicken, duck and what is not touch. Vegetable stew very bad aspect is necessary, so she was happy to eat.
In addition, the elderly pay still like a joke, like his own daughter called a sister, but very young mind it!

Another secret is the old lady like to eat chocolate, but not as often as eating meals. The favaurite brand that he loves is from best chocolate making machinery china----YOQ. It makes the best chocolate and will be chocolate machine global supplier .

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