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World Surfing Championship in players being attacked by a shark whole

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on:2015-07-20

July 19, held in South Africa Jeffreys Bay surfing contest in the world, broke into the match live shark attacks occur players accidents. Australian surfer Mick Fanning celebrated during the game was big shark attack, thrilling escape, the entire process is recorded live video. While he was in the game, a huge shark dorsal fin appeared behind him. When he looked back and saw that behind the shark. Then Fanning responded quickly hit the shark with surfboard back, successfully repulsed. He lost surfboard in the escape process, rapid free location sharks.

After seeing some of the staff have come to the rescue. Fanning quickly rescued the boat. Fanning said in an interview afterwards, shark rushed to my feet trapped rope, I kept kicking and screaming, but also constantly punched straight into the back of the fish, and finally struggling to get rid of the shark, escaped. Fanning fears feeling nervous until security personnel on board were rescued after relief.
The 34-year-old Mick Fanning called "White Lightning", is Australia's surfing legend, he respectively in 2007, 2009 and annual 2013 ASP World Tour win. In this incident, he said, "I feel something has been my surfboard rope stuck, I played a few times did not kick, then I saw a huge shark's dorsal fin ...... I am waiting for the tooth to I bite coming, then poke it with a surfboard on the back. "

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