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Australian couple resigned with two daughters sailing around the world

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on:2015-07-16

According to the United Kingdom, the daily mail reported on July 14, in recent days, Australia Eric Stoltz (Stolz) couples unique way has been widely concerned, for several years they took their two small daughters in ocean sailing trip around the world, living a life such as dream-like journey and a hands-on approach to girls ' education, and shaped them into a "daughter of the sea".

It is reported that Eric Stoltz and his wife originally prosperous but bland, husband doing sales job salary is high, are often afflicted with anxiety and stress. Some places to get rid of this, the heart of no fixed abode, the couple decided to sell their property, sailing, sailing to the Caribbean Sea.

When Eric Stoltz found the Ocean they belong, their journeys have been extended indefinitely. During this period, and they had two daughters: Aliya, 5 years old (Aria) and Elia, 3 years old (Ellia). Annual Marine has entrusted with the education of the little girl out of the ordinary, for the familiar and the marine world of love shared with them, gave them fairy-tale-free life.

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