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YOQ 1000L Chocolate Ball Mill

  • Author:Tony
  • Release on:2015-07-16

Technical Data:


1000 ball mill

Capacity (kg/time)


Grinding fitness (micron)


Main axle roating speed (rpm)


Grinding time (h)


Main motor power (kw)


Electrical heating power (kw)


Weight (kg)


Outside dimensions (mm)


Product Description:

The 1000 chocolate ball mill machine is a special machine for fine milling chocolate mass and its admixture. Through the impact and friction between the material and the steel balls inside the vertical cylinder, the mass is fine milled into the required fineness, less than 25 micron which makes a better taste.

It can also be used with the chocolate conch refiner to make the grinding time shorter and improve the efficiency.http://www.chocolate-machines.com/products/Chocolate-Conche.htm


Packaging & Delivery:

1. The 1000 chocolate ball mill will be packed in a wooden case, avoiding unexpected damage.
2. The
1000 chocolate ball miller  will be shipped from Shanghai port.


1. Along with the separate 1000 chocolate ball mill , our company also has an ability to deliver integrated solutions for the manufacture of the chocolate product.  

2. Engineers are available for traveling to the customer's site overseas, in order to launch and maintain machines, as well as to provide a team training at the customer's location. 

Who We Are

Founded in 1994, YOQ---- chocolate machine supplier china   and chocolate machine manufacturer china  has specialized in making chocolate machines for over 20 years. An a chocolate machine supplier, we can produce a complete set of chocolate equipment which includes chocolate conche machine, chocolate temperature adjuster, chocolate molding machine, chocolate coating machine supplier, chocolate enrobing line, chocolate delivery pump, chocolate polishing machine, chocolate decorating machine, chocolate packaging machine, chocolate ball mill, chocolate holding tank, chocolate sugar pulverizer, fat melting tank and so forth. 

    According to customer requirements, the machines can be customized and a full set of solution will be provided. The solution involves the design and arrangement of chocolate production lines, researches and development of chocolate formula, manufacture, installation and debugging of chocolate equipment. 

YOQ Group Ltd. being the chocolate machine producer china and chocolate making machine china, specializes in chocolate machinery producing over 20 years. You can see on our website the machines and methods that we use. Our company is always open for those who is interested in getting into the industry as well as those advanced chocolate manufacturers. YOQ BRINGS YOU SWEET BUSINESS!


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