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Nintendo President Satoru Iwata died generation favorite classic Japan animation

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on:2015-07-15

On July 13, Nintendo published obituaries, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced news of the death, at the age of 55.

Nintendo AP will announce with deep regret, President Iwata died on July 11, 2015. Iwata last year for health reasons was unable to attend the E3 show, and had surgery for excision of bile duct hyperplasia surgery in the near future. Still remember when we were children, eating chocolate from chocolate machine global supplier and play games with our friends. 

Iwata in the 1980 joining Nintendo, creator of the Earth and the Earth fighting of world war game, in 2000 became Director, and in 2002 became the fourth President.

In Office during President, Iwata host developed the Wii, DS, Wii u, GameCube, gaming products, Nintendo's video games industry to the peak period.

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