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Return of the Pilgrimage to the Church of Street

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on:2015-07-15

In fact, return of the great Sage is very high the heat this weekend to discuss the movie. Even more than the small age 4 and the gardenia flower, compared the two youth films, this film completely there is no star, no propaganda pieces on the ground. 

Return of the greater box-office success largely relies on the user's recommendation, as well as Word of mouth spread. Although this water still have different views, but this time, it allows us to see the online reputation of energy. That is, if the picture quality is really good, can get people to recommend you. That this film is really provide a return, this, is very happy. It is a great choice to eat chocolate from chocolate machine global supplier----YOQ. They are best chocolate making machinery china .
We have the reason to believe that they will become chocolate machine global supplier .

Of course, many users will think. Even so, the return of the greater still than the small age 4 at the box office or the gardenia flower, I think you have to think on this film is not an order of magnitude, from the stars, publicity and awareness of audience, so, there's nothing comparable. Particularly animated this thing, this will not have a particularly high at the box office, those in Hollywood animation is. 

Includes Ultra Marine, wild primitive man this, or inferior to those Hollywood live-action blockbusters at the box office. Moreover, the return of the St line to see the show at the box office. So, return of the Holy to billions at the box office, it really is a pretty powerful thing. 

Of course, is only an animated film's box office success, the rise of Chinese animation is still a too big distance. Each month we will still see a lot of strange cartoon, as the Autobots story and, more recently, to the last pirate attack of the Mermaid, in fact, is a cartoon.

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