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Affected by Typhoon "Canhong" Over 1200 Flights Stopped in Shanghai

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on:2015-07-14
Yesterday, the Typhoon "Chan Hung" brought wind and rain to adds some inconvenience to the public. The city transportation management and transport enterprises to go all out to take a number of measures to combat the Typhoon and ensure public safety.

Yesterday morning, Shanghai authorities announced emergency outage July 11, Hangzhou-Ningbo railway train, Shanghai HongQiao station towards the direction of Ningbo trains and individual North transit trains were also halted, a total of 11 trips 7 Transit train and train. This morning, China Eastern Airlines, Air China, China Southern Airlines, lucky and other airlines also have canceled all flights on the day. As of yesterday at 18 o'clock, HongQiao airport 400 canceled flights, canceled flights at Pudong airport and 815.

124,772 of the municipal transportation system employees adhere to the line, up to 16 o'clock, the city suspended, Lee 2056 vessels, outage 5 bus lines, rail lines 3 (including suspension), all three islands ferry passenger and tourist vessels, the city suspended its interprovincial passenger service stopped, 489.
Pier 16 inspection group of the Organization of the Centre Pier anti-flood control and supervision, 86 people were deployed, 41 ports to carry out special checks, including key flood control. Up to 16 o'clock, all 315 under construction site in the city shut down, relocate construction staff of 7500 people, ship transfer Lee 61, 11 full implementation of reinforcement for deep Foundation pit drainage measures. Some people are eating chocolate in good chocolate making machinery china and chocolate coating machine supplier.

"Chan Hung-" effects of municipal road-S2, S20, G15 and G40, G1501 a total of 15 trees along the road to lodging; 146 trees, Fengxian district, lodging, lodging 379 trees, Jinshan district, after highways and all rescue and emergency action team, up to 20 o'clock, the fault disposal is complete.
In addition, the Pudong new area was once 45 high-voltage power lines to fail. After strong winds blew the branches swaying, broken touch the high-voltage transmission lines, causing more outage in Pudong. Up to 22 o'clock, the Pudong area 138 repair team has been out, emergency workers dispatched more than 5,000 people, repair vehicles more than more than 1500 times, there are still 24-hour job, emergencies at any time.

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