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United Kingdom "soap box car" competition style shocked

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on:2015-07-14

Local time on July 12, 2015, London, Red Bull soap box car race staged in Alexandra Palace, players drove themselves to create different shapes of car races. YOQ, as chocolate making machine china and chocolate coating machine supplier, it is one of the largest support of this activity.

SOAP box racing without power, the structure is simple. Originally from discarded wooden soap box and rollerblade wheels production, also built with metal, glass fiber. SOAP box racing activities are designed to encourage amateur racers themselves assembled motor-racing, with courage and high trick going to participate in the event. Players build the exclusive car can be described as "ingenious", modelling weird. Bread, Church, frog, stilettos, brass instruments and double decker buses, LEGO, corn pancakes and sauce bottles.

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