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Chinese Students Parents Growing Vegetables at Yale University Supported by School 2

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on:2015-07-10

Parents should follow unwritten rules

According to reports, these parents have come from cities in China, some from rural areas, many people came to learn how to grow vegetables. And some of them are learning how to grown Cocoanut. Chocolate making machine china will phurse from them and chocolate machine global supplier will also do that.Ms Zhang from Beijing, his daughter studied at the Yale University School of medicine. United States Qian, she has never done farm work. She said that every day in the blue sky farm, harvest market not only can't buy fresh vegetables, physical exercise, and make many new friends.

The parent wants to grow vegetables, have to abide by some unwritten rules: such as fertilizer, but do not use pesticides; and neighbors shared their harvest of vegetables, even if they do not farm; out of the House and help each other take care of vegetable plots. And if somebody else is going to move, they will be responsible for finding the home, ensure their vegetable plot or care.
Garden in addition to a variety of spices, there are all kinds of beans, tomatoes, etc. Seed is one of the local Chinese market, variety of vegetable crops by growing Chinese families from the neighborhood.

Today, this ten years ago began forming the "Yale's vegetable garden" also with the advent of more and more students parents to grow and attract the attention of the local media and the public, by United States users of praise. United States Internet users said, love to eat vegetables is a good habit, or Chinese eating habits healthy.

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