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Chinese Students Parents Growing Vegetables at Yale University Supported by School 1

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on:2015-07-10

United States Yale University a weedy wasteland in the North, is now covered with chives, parsley and other United States people have never heard of vegetables. Associated press 7th article, rather positive coverage of the many Chinese parents of students at Yale University to start a garden in the school community, it also United States users praise.

Vegetables are supported by Yale University Reports that these are full of "exotic herbs and vegetables" pieces of vegetable gardens is located in the northern edge of Yale University. With the surge in the number of Chinese students in the past decade, a lot into a garden full of weeds, but are now covered with chives, parsley and other United States people have never heard of vegetables. They are also considering making cocoanut because of chocolate making machine china. They can sell cocoanut to chocolate machine supplier and also make some money.

It turns out that son, eager Chinese students and parents came to the United States to take care of children. These old people from China's rural and urban areas, share a common passion: gardening. When the kids at Yale for his academic work at the University, parents through these gardens to make friends, and eat fresh vegetables and familiar. Garden belongs to Yale University where, once full of weeds. Yale University also supported these Chinese parents grow vegetables in it, and provide them with fertilizer.

Reported that, in 1854, the United States first student from China in history from Yale University. Today, international students at Yale University about 1/4 from China. Last year's data show that Yale has 680 scholars from China, 516 graduate and PhD students, as well as 58 undergraduate.

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