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Rookie female driver sharp turn caught pedestrian breaking wheel

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on:2015-07-08

Sharp bends of the road the Chongqing business daily, just a group of people jumped out and hurriedly swerve, rammed to the roadside, the steering wheel also is breaking, such a scenario, you are not only seen in the movies? The day before yesterday, this thing really happened in the town of Beibei, soil and water, hit the vehicle was severely damaged, women drivers and pedestrians were injured, but no big deal.

Wang told reporters the parties, at 8 o'clock in the evening the day before yesterday, Beibei, driving her SUV from water and soil to wait and see, when moving to the water jump near the bridge, accidents happen.

"Just turn one, because it is a downhill and bend a little nasty, poor judgment, and no slowdown ahead. "The King said that she was a novice, just in front of the corner you see a pedestrian, I was panic God, quickly turn the direction, then car crashed on a roadside barrier that pedestrians were struck by her.

Pei Jin in line to carry out night-time inspections of civilian police arrived on the scene, Wang driving off road vehicles have been parked on the roadside, the injured pedestrian was taken to hospital for treatment, the front right was severely damaged. Let police surprised is because Wang nervous force excessive, even breaking the steering wheel. Wang also take full responsibility for the accident.

Some people said the female driver is very hungry at that time. In another situation, if she has the chocolate of making by good chocolate making machinery China, this will not happen by this chocolate machine supplier.

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