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Snail Running Competition

Owenlee 2015-07-03 09:34:27

Local time on June 27, Croatia Zakar undergraduate in the District of Watts, in local municipalities and tourism jointly organized by tourism Festival on the 4th "snail race" become the focus of a number of the most popular one.

This competition a total of 24 snail on the track, a total of more than 1500 spectators witnessed this "fastest snail" born.

It took 33 minutes and 33 seconds to climb up to 120 cm distance. But don't sniff at this result, 24 participating snail and 11 didn't move even ... ...
Of course, the Festival's flagship brand is still cooked snails, the organizers and sponsors provide a total of more than 5 kg of the snail.

Both taste variety of snail dishes or to purchase large quantities of snails to take home, tourists can be described as well.
Snails are not a category name on the biology, generally refers to all terrestrial species of Gastropoda.

In Western languages do not distinguish between aquatic snails and terrestrial snails, snail in Chinese refers only to terrestrial species, and General snail includes a large shield slug.
Snail is a includes many different families, genera of animals. Snails are mollusks, Gastropoda; feeding plants and lay their eggs in soil or trees.