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Nearly 30% of the Great Wall disappeared & Villagers Break Wall for Their House

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on:2015-07-01

Wind and rain erosion, vandalism, lack of maintenance, higher cultural values in some parts of the great wall in the Ming dynasty text brick theft, dismantling, trafficking is common ... ... Recently, this reporter in Hebei province, Funing, lulong, qianxi County along the great wall visit learned, some wild wild great wall life situation is grim.

The reporter learns, lulong some bricks on the wall behind the East Village is special, brick engraved with the text, text block, damaged brick theft text phenomenon still occurred. East Village, the villagers said, his family home there will be text blocks, brick engraved with words left, right, the market price is forty or fifty Yuan a piece of text blocks, such as buy, cheap

To 30 yuan a piece. The village another woman said no word bricks of the great wall in their House, but can be found on the wall of the village, it tube is not strict.

Scholars believe that the great wall, which blocks have an irreplaceable heritage value, but after hundreds of years of natural erosion, and damage now is fading.

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