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News focus women's soccer: Stops World Cup Round of 8

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on:2015-06-30

On June 27, Beijing time, China 0-1 in the 1/4 World Cup final defeat by United States women's team, unfortunately stop 8. In the news broadcast tonight, "Chinese lost the women's World Cup United States stop top 8" as its theme, the women's football World Cup has been reported.

During this period of coverage of about 24 seconds, the news of the performance of Chinese women's football team in the 1/4 final, a brief description, and praised the women football players ' fighting spirit, "Chinese women's football team in today's Canada in the women's World Cup one-fourth-finals against the United States. World number two rival Chinese girls tried our good, but in the end due to the great disparity in strength 0:1 by United States team, stopped eight. Although a lost ball United States team, but this is the Chinese women's team broke into the second round of the playoffs for the first time in 1999 year, arguably the good result in 16 years. ”

The news coverage of the women's World Cup this time, once again, out of the country, as well as notices of public opinion in regard to women's development in China. Although my last stop 8, but the fighting spirit and the progress of the overall strength of the Chinese women's team, also was endorsed unanimously by the outside world. Groundwork with the strong performance of the women's World Cup, plus the attention of public opinion, the future of Chinese women's football team worth the wait!

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