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Beer bottles are building material for one young architect

  • Author:Tony
  • Release on:2015-06-29
In today's trending, a young architect builds an office with 8,500 beer bottles, Nanjing uses an ancient city wall to help with drainage, a man climbs Wangjing Soho's tallest building to take a selfie and two lovebirds stop a train.

(Li Rongjun enjoys the sunshine in his office, which was built with 8,500 beer bottles.)

Li Rongjun plans to establish a design studio to help people build creative and comfortable houses. However he only wants to sell his ideas and does not want to draw the design himself. He wants to attract designers and investors with this creative structure built with beer bottles.

It took Li and his father more than four months to build the office, and cost over 70,000 yuan ($11,275), according to his father.

The beer-bottle structure could be considered an artistic creation but not a product to be marketed, according to an expert. "The top level has no load bearing wall and the weight the beer bottles could carry is limited, thus the structure may collapse," said Tang Zhe, an architect with a local design company in Chongqing.

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