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Chocolate Master--from small scale production to factory production

  • Author:Jo
  • Source:Jo
  • Release on:2015-06-25

Researched so many recipes, making so good chocolate, why the market has little chance to taste her new chocolate?  Almost everyone I first saw will doubt  grandmother Ji and asked her this question.
It turned out that after retirement Ji ShunYing has been concentrated in the research, but she has no great deal production, sales team, so that all of her  recipes are only known in a small range, only spread in the circle of friends and colleagues.
Several companies have found me and tried to buy my recipe for production line, but I fear that they cut corners, smashed my brand." The old lady shook his head and refused, her voice has a unique stubborn older strength.

Years ago, our factory invited lady Ji to our factory together with her lab to establish the China  Chocolate (Suzhou) R & D center, this time, she gladly accepted: Because there is not only laboratories, research and development team, but also the improved chocolate making equipment: "I can anytime, anywhere see the production process, that makes me insure the quality. "the old lady said that many recipes should put into production in Suzhou, right here in our factory.
Only the trustworthy chocolate machine manufacturer can keep the better chocolate technology master, lady Ji is here, we are all here welcome your visit!

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