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Careful!plum rain season starts in Suzhou city

  • Author:Jo
  • Source:Jo
  • Release on:2015-06-18
From the start of the plum season, it is said in 20 days rainfall will equal 8 Jinji lake.
But in fact it is 16 instead of 8 lakes rainfall amount,and water come up to the street,
the traffic was affected heavily.

After 3 days rain, it comes to a pause now.Ever since the plum season started,Suzhou city is in rainstorm
or heavy rainstorm,count until yesterday 4pm the rainfall is 180.1mm,the most rainfall is 229.6mm in
Kunshan. So it doubles compared with the weather forcast, the total amount becomes 16 equal lack instead of 8.

When go for the office, Juxian road in Xiangcheng district has become a pool, in the middle of the pool
there are cars that vent-pipe are under water with windows open, the driver climb out of the car through
the window and give up using the car, there are more than 10 car license plates droped from the cars and
a Road rescue vehicle was pulling cars from the rain water pool.

Also, the most serious place is in Xiangcheng district,Yuyao road and Anyuan road,some citizens leave the
cars in the plot and the day after could not found their own cars because the cars license plate was covered by water. water height in the Xinggang street has up to 60cm which makes the bus change its way.

Thanks to today's rain pause, the temperature is from 19-25 degree centigrade, suzhou city can temporarily enjoy the air clean day after days rain.

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