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Special Tour in Chocolate lab

  • Author:Jo
  • Source:Jo
  • Release on:2015-06-15

Special Tour In Chocolate Lab--Wash the ball mill machine, wash art.

A nation-grade chocolate lab is located in our factory,

the  leader of the lab is a very nice 80 years old lady who started chocolate research in 1960s getting the task from our country prime minister.

We will introduce her especially in the later time of our news.

I came to to lab for help on Saturday, the mission was cleaning the small ball mill.

Everything goes on well: pull out the mass from the connection,

change the pot setting the black balls, pick up the balls from the mass,

washing the picked up balls with boiling water twice and recycle the mass for other use,

then wash the balls again untill it turns black to stainless steel silver color.

But there is a little interlude, some of the mass and balls drops to the ground by accident,

making a great mass of the lab floor, we spend a lot of time washing this Saturday,

washing balls, washing ball mill inside and wash the floor.

By the way this chocolate mass is for chocolate mask which can be used on face and eat too

with a good smell of herbs and chocolate.

The mass is precious and I found even it drop in the floor, it can be beautiful and art.

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