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Abe apologized robot appeared in Shanghai, Japan said the production

  • Auteur:Owen Lee
  • Relâchez le:2015-07-16

At the robot exhibition held recently in Shanghai, there look like Japan's Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, robot, kept bowing to the visitors an "apology". Japan users informed of said with a smile, the robot market in mainland China see, mass production.

According to Taiwan "Central News Agency" reported on July 14 that "2015 international robot exhibition" held at the National Exhibition Centre in Shanghai July 8. Netizens on Twitter to share audio and video shows, a vendor's booth to put a statue of the robot that looks remarkably like Abe.

This life-size robots keep bowing to the visitors, attracting crowds. Lot of visitors on their way with the "Abe" robot pictures, others on this point.

This year saw the end of World War II 70 years ago. Japan media previously reported that around Abe, said Abe in the forthcoming war 70 years of conversation, decided unequivocally written on war "the pain reflection", but not "apologize".

Surging, according to news reports, Abe for this appeared in Shanghai "apology" robot, Japan Yahoo Web part on the comments of netizens was very cheerful.

User wrote: "Japan should Abe ' apology ' robot sales in China will be good. "Netizens said," next time, please make a Gundam (Japan anime robot character) Abe robots the size of it. ”

However, Japan netizens expressing his dissatisfaction with the: "before doing any action, does not take into account what they think? Each other if you do the same thing, what do you think? ”

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