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oil refining and conching

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  • Relâchez le:2015-07-22

oil refining and conching

There are many talks about oil refining and conching. They are two different approaches, but they may not be consistent? As we already know Conche Chocolate can be used for fine grinding of chocolate mass. This machine is a necessity for producing high-quality chocolate with low operating costs.
But how about using it with a Chocolate Ball Mill? After many trials and trying to get to the point where production of chocolate can still be inexpensive and good quality our company has to make a decision which one Conche chocolate is highly recommended for use with a Chocolate Ball Mill. The results are very interesting.
The set of
CONCHE MACHINE and BALL MILL together guarantee you one of the best smoothness and taste of fine chocolate mass of the product.
You can see on our website
YOQ Group Ltd. other machines and methods that we use. We run our R & amp; amp; D Center, where we have many trials and experiments. We believe in innovation. Quality is our culture. Our company is always open for anyone interested in getting into the industry as well as manufacturers of premium chocolate. We wish you all sweet now!


Founded in 1994, YOQ ----Best make chocolate machinery China has been specializing in making chocolate factory for over 20 years. we are chocolate reliable supply china factory and can produce a complete set of equipment chocolate, including chocolate conche machine, temperature adjust chocolate, chocolate molding machines, chocolate enrobing lines, pumps supplied chocolate, machines chocolate balls, chocolate decorating machine, chocolate packaging machine, glossy chocolate factory, chocolate tank holding, mill chocolate sugar, fat melting tank and so forth. 

Many of our machines have a voice of our customers and have very stable and large yields, such as the chocolate coating line, we are the best chocolate coating machine supplier, Coating line of conventional type 250mm to 1250mm from us also accept the need for chemical plant.

Our factory also do a good job in creating and innovating, we are the best chocolate making machine china and a leading technology china factory chocolate factory, We have large molding lines as the first three, to make one-shot complex chocolates and also looking into 3D chocolate printer technology.

As a liability 
chocolate maker china, We have very strict inspection before each of them leave the computer for customers to target. If you are looking for reliable chocolate supplier china factory, YOQ is your perfect chioce.

We are the best supplier Chocolate Factory not only to the facts and reliability of the quality of all the chocolate manufacturer China Computer, But also from the customer to review the relationship of several years long cooperation. At the request of customers, we good Suppliers Chocolate Factory and are customizable and provide a full suite of solutions that involve the design and layout of the production line of chocolate, research and development of chocolate recipes, manufacturing, installation and debugging of equipment chocolate. 

we are chocolate factory worldwide provider, Our machines are currently working in many parts of the world including Russia, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Germany, Greece, South Korea, Algeria, Thailand, Brazil, etc.


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