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Army of motorcycles in Indonesia Return Home to Greet Eid al-Fitr

  • Auteur:Owen Lee
  • Relâchez le:2015-07-16

Local time on July 15, 2015, Merak, Indonesia, motor force on Homecoming, home for Eid al-Fitr. Parents their children return home riding a motorcycle has become an annual tradition.

The Muslim Eid al-Fitr is coming in response to human traffic, Indonesia using drones, smart phone application against traffic mayhem. Packed with millions of vehicles on the road can only slow moving vehicles, pouring in.

It is reported that Indonesia in the run-up to the end of the holy month of Ramadan, people have to return with my family celebrating Eid al-Fitr, each city is one of an empty. This annual Homecoming, hundreds of kilometers away are often take 24 hours to get home.

In 2015, the Jakarta police deployed drones for the first time, monitor traffic out of the city.

Ramadan [Ramadan;the month of fast] are Islamic terms. The so-called Islamic calendar in September, is one of the Muslim fasting month. Refers to the Muslim Ramadan fasting before sunrise to after sunset. Fasting is the Shahada:affirmation and the Salat:prayer, Zakat:Almsgiving, Siyam:fasting, Hajj:pilgrimage five basic lessons, is a practice of the Muslim religion.

Fasting the month of Ramadan is a maximum 30 days. The provisions of Islamic law: all Muslims, in addition to patients, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, child care, and travel before sunrise, in addition to all adult men and women (male 11 years old, female, 9) should be fasting month.

Fasting from dawn to sunset, quit eating lust, sex, abstain from scandal and abusive language, and that its meaning outside of complete religious obligations, but also influences the character and restrained desire, experience of the hunger of the poor, and germination of compassion, as a form of relief, charity.

Currently it was the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Starts and ends with the new moon of Ramadan appeared to prevail, Imam at the mosque muezzin sky upstairs, if you see a slender Crescent Moon, Ramadan begins. Seeing the Crescent Moon, different Islamic country Ramadan time is not exactly the same. Also, because the Islamic calendar is about 355 days a year, the Gregorian calendar, a difference of 10 days or so, so the month of Ramadan in the Gregorian calendar there is no fixed time.

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