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When Ramadan meets European Holiday

  • Autore:Owen Lee
  • Rilasciare il:2015-06-17

In 2015, the Islamic holy month of Ramadan began. The start of Ramadan is marked by appearance of Crescent dental,

so was ended. When I see the new moon on the first day, you can into the fast; next month when the new moon appears,

end of Ramadan. Need to be aware of is that different areas to see the new moon time is different, so different Islamic

countries into the time Ramadan is different. Also, because the Islamic calendar is about 355 days a year, the Gregorian

calendar, a difference of 10 days or so.

During Ramadan, Muslims need to fast retreat, to set before the sun comes up cannot eat, drink, smoke, or chew gum,

and pray five times a day. In addition, non-Muslims cannot eat and drink things in public places.

2014 of the holy month of Ramadan will start on June 29, and ended on July 28, judge its official start time according to the

fasi della luna. So the month of Ramadan in the Gregorian calendar there is no fixed time. For Muslims, Ramadan is

a great month, it represents the festive and honor your Ramadan after any month of the year, it is God's month.

European countries have begun:

Germany: General 4-5 weeks, usually from July to September, in which three months can take a vacation

France: last week of July to August, almost all holidays

Italy: in early August to early September

Poland: in early July to the end of July

Netherlands: from early July to early August

Belgium: in mid-July to early August

Czech Republic: from early July to late August (commencing July December-August 8th)

Norway: July to September being rested (July to September)

Spain: in early July to early August

Portugal: mid-July to the end of the month

Switzerland: in early July to the end of July

Denmark: end of July end of

Hungary: from early July to late August

Slovenia: July 1 to September

Greece: from early August to the end of August

Romania: year one-month annual leave holidays, choose their own time this month, mostly selected 8-September summer.

European countries about a month, during the holidays, so this a month or two major customers in Europe's exporters will

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